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Connect to the internet via CP as Modem(NOKIA PC suite)

Tuesday, 3 January 2012 0 comments

1. NOKIA phone

(e.g. s40, s60)

with either infrared,

bluetooth or usb


3. Last but not the least,

you must have syempre

your Personal Computer (PC)

PROCEDURES: Session 1:

Connecting To The Internet A. Open your Nokia

PC suite. You can access that


your desktop, or from Start

menu -> All Programs -> Nokia

PC suite. B. Connect your Phone via


or bluetooth to your PC. [note:

mostly s40 phones

when you connect it to

usb, a prompt will appear from your phone and

letting you choosing either

you will connect your phone as

a Nokia mode, Printing &

media or Data Storage. choose

Nokia Mode, so that the pc suite will recognize

your phone] C. Wait a little Bit.

You will

now see that your phone

was detected by your PC

suite. See screenshots: D. From your PC suite goto

or click:


2. Connect to the internet E. Configuring ONE TOUCH


this section, we are now

going to configure our

access point!!!

3. Click configuration (Wrench tool icon) 4. Click the Drop Down


5. Choose Nokia 3110 classic USB

Modem (that's my phone for my

example) then click the Right

Arrow from the buttom right of

the OTA window 6. Click Configure the

connection manually 7. Now you can configure

you Access Point:

(as for my example i use

globe starter SIM)

for globe:

for smart: internet for sun: minternet

then leave the rest blank!

then click the check icon

from the buttom right of

the window. 8. after that, Click Connect[/ Kliknij TUTAJ, by wygrać NOKIA N8! melmee21 29 Mar 11 04:42 F. A connection will now

created!!! Now your Done

connecting to the internet

and now you are ready to

install and run some

internet tweaks or tricks to do a fbt/ubt!!! Session 2. Checking if you

really Connected to the


A. From your PC goto:

1. START menu

2. RUN (shortcut key: windows +r)

3. TYPE:

ping -t then

Press Enter

B. You will now see that

you are pinging the website of! in order to

know that you are

connected to the internet you

must have at least a

response from that server...


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