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Tuesday, 3 January 2012 0 comments
Make sure na walang proxy & port yon Internet Explorer para magamit natin si google chrome sa proxifier… pero dahil ultrasurf yon gagamitin natin, automatic mag kakaroon  ng setting ng proxy: port: 9666 yon Internet Explorer … so gagana yon google chrome natin kahit di gamitan ng proxifier, kasi nakabase sya sa setting ng Internet Explorer… Kung gusto nyo idaan sa proxifier si google chrome, erase nyo lang yon setting ng proxy & port sa Internet Explorer…


1 .Open Proxifier
2.Click on Option > Proxy Setting > then click on Add
3.Type proxy: port: 9666
Then choice 'SOCKS Version 5'… then hit OK
4.Then…. hit OK again… make sure na ka check yon port 9666 para sya yon active
5.Click on Option >  Proxification Rules > click on Add
(make sure naka select yon “Process All except the following + manual proxified” before kayo mag Add)
6.Then type UltraSurf (or any name you want) under Rule Name:
Then click on Add > then find ultrasuf (u1006.exe) …. Then hit Ok…
7.Then make sure naka check yon Loopback and UltraSurf (or kung sino yon gagamitin mo, para sya yon active)

Then hit OK.
8.Click on Option > Advanced > HTTP Traffic
Check on Redirect HTTP(S) traffic to….
Then type Address:  Port: 9666

9Na set na natin yon setting for ultrasurf…

Close / Exit na muna natin yon Proxifier…

Connect  muna natin si Ultrasurf:

Smart: proxy: port: 8080


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