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How to Upgrade Video Card for FREE

Tuesday, 3 January 2012 0 comments
1. Determine the video card manufacturer. If you installed the video card yourself, this is printed on the user manual of the card. If the card came installed in the system, the manufacturer is the computer company itself.

2. Open the Internet browser and go to the manufacturer's website. Wait for the page to load, then choose "Support."
3. Click "Downloads" from the new page, then choose either "Desktop" or "Laptop." A new series of options appears on the screen. Select the actual computer you are using, then choose the operating system. A list of drivers appears on the screen.
4. Click the driver download for the video card, and the free driver downloads to the computer.
5. Double-click the driver download to load the installation wizard. Accept the license agreement when it loads onto the screen, then follow the prompts to completely install the free upgraded driver on the computer.

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