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[TuT] Hot to crack a higher sound volume

Tuesday, 3 January 2012 0 comments
[TuT] Hot to crack a higher sound volume [TuT]

In this tut i will learn you, how to make you music with a higher volume.

1. Go to start. >> All programs. >> Windows movie maker >>

2. Now open you mp3. or whatever it is in windows movie maker.

3. Put it in the storybord and press right mouse click on it.

and then volume.

4. Now you can set it on maximal or what ever you want

( not maximal thats not a good quelity. )

5. Then you saved it on your desktop.

6. Now you go to >> Upload a file >> Go to the next step >> Select an output file type ( mp3 is good for psp/telphones ) >> Press ok and waiting. >> Downloading clear ? just put it on your phone / psp or computer what ever you want.


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